chalets Zelena vrata

Chalets Zelena vrata are a hand picked choice and have our warmest recommendation. Not only is it located in the beautiful and isolated spot, surrounded with green forest and hills, it is also well connected, being in the village which has its own exit on the highway and a train station. At walking distance away, there is a good pizzeria with a budget daily menu, and a small shop. 

You can contact the owners directly on / + 385 98 289 656, or make a direct booking

would you like to advertise accommodation for digital nomads?

We would love to help you.

Feel free to write us through our contact page.

some things to keep in mind

Digital nomads need to be able to move into their new home seamlessly. 

For this to be possible, some requirements need to be fulfilled. 

Needless to say, the internet connection needs to be fast and stable at any point of day and night. Ideally, you would have one prepared. Internet outages are a big no – no.

The living space should include a working corner with an office chair and a high desk. Your guest will probably spend hours every day working from  their new home. As much as digital nomads value a change of scenery, having a spot that is always available and comfortable to work from – is essential.

If the accommodation is remote, make sure this is properly communicated. Ideally, you can provide some form of transport and include it in your price – an opportunity to fix that old bike/motorbike of yours, buy an e-scooter or make your second car available for the guest. 

The guest will value privacy and a quiet working atmosphere, but will also appreciate it if they can reach you during the day. 

Keep in mind, your accommodation is not only home to your guest, but their office as well.

As said earlier – feel free to write us through our contact page – we will be happy to post your offers, free of charge, at least for initial hundreds of days.