free co-working space for digital nomads in zadar

Free co-working space for digital nomads in Zadar

The digital nomad hype is sweeping Croatia. Some entrepreneurs are still sceptical, while others are starting to adapt their business model to accommodate this new kind of “tourist”. One of the organizations that swiftly adapted to the change was the Italian Community in Zadar – they are offering a free co-working space for digital nomads in Zadar!

The reason for this excitement is a new type of temporary residence permit for third-country nationals coming to live in Croatia for up to a year while working for a foreign company – A.K.A. the Digital Nomad Visa. 

According to the Ministry of Interior, four permits have already been approved, and fourteen are pending. Digital nomads are coming, slowly but surely. 

Work in a stunning Venetian Palace

We spoke to Giulia from the Community of Italians in Zadar to find out more about their generous offer of the free co-working space for digital nomads in Zadar.

D.N.C.: Could you tell us a bit more about your association?

Giulia: We are the Italian Community in Zadar, Croatia. Our Community was founded in 1899 with the mandate of protecting and promoting the Italian culture here in the wonderful coastal city of Zadar. In the light of the historical linkage with Venetia, the city still bears a solid Italian legacy in its architecture, language, toponomy, culture, traditions, and people. We are cosmopolitan and internationally-oriented by nature. We try to keep a backward and forward-looking perspective, and that’s why we detected the need for working space for the growing number of digital nomads that choose our breathtaking city as their (temporary) home.

D.N.C.: How did you come up with the idea to offer the space to digital nomads?

Giulia: The idea came from our President Igor Karuc, an internationally oriented businessman. He realized that both our government and civil society pay more attention to digital nomads’ phenomenon so that the time has come for our Community to play its role in the trend. Furthermore, attracting young and international people to our Community is a challenge we need to address so that we would benefit from digital nomads as well.

free co-working space for digital nomads in zadar
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Benefit from Croatia language courses

D.N.C.: What are the benefits for the digital nomads who decide to work in your magnificent palace?

Giulia – The advantages for the digital nomads who decide to work in our headquarters are the following:

– magic location: our ancient Venetian Palace is right in the centre of the Old town, just 15 meters from the beautiful seaside and the crystal clear sea;

– a comfortable and efficient working space; 

– an open bar to enjoy your breaks with a cup of authentic Italian coffee;

– a high-speed optical Internet connection installed just for you;

– all technical equipment you may need: scanners, printers and stationery materials;

– a friendly, international working environment in which you’ll have the chance to meet new people and network with the locals;

– support and help with any administrative or bureaucratic issue you may have to deal with; 

– suggestions and tips on how to make the best of your experience in Croatia Italian;

– Croatian language courses held by our Community by professional and qualified teachers;

– immediate access to the many promotions and discounts our members benefit from (e.g. dentists, doctors, cultural items, touristic experiences);

– the positive and friendly attitude of our staff;

The chance to live and work right next to locals and truly experience our culture and lifestyle.

Space in exchange for your knowledge

D.N.C – We didn’t see a price written anywhere; does that mean it will be free, and if so, will the number of seats be limited?

We will offer our space for free, that’s why we did not indicate any price. However, as stated in the ad, we may require those who utilize our space to help us with some technological issues. This may entail helping us manage our social media and our websites or occasionally helping us with digital marketing material design. The number of places is around 30, consisting of a library, a coffee lounge, and a conference room.

We wish the best of luck to the Italian community, and we will inform you about any similar project we find about. In the meantime check out our list of hubs and coworking spaces!