digital nomad visa croatia

use this simple form to apply for the digital nomad visa

The Croatian Ministry of Interior has published an online form that should significantly simplify the digital nomad visa application.  Apply for the digital nomad visa here.

The first digital nomad visa in Croatia or to be more precise, the temporary residence permit, was issued in January. Information about the necessary steps and documents has been slowly coming in, helping us create the big picture.

We learned that the minimum necessary income will be 16 142,50 HRK or 2130,97 EUR per month and that you need to provide an excerpt from criminal records from your country.

The latter has proven to be a challenge to those digital nomads already in another country, especially seeing that many official institutions are closed during the pandemic.  Find out more here.

apply for the digital nomad visa

User-friendly online form

Jan de Jong, the Dutch entrepreneur who initiated the conception of the digital nomad visa back in August, informed us in December that we can expect an online form to facilitate the application process – and here it is!

The user-friendly form is available in English and Croatian, asks you to fill out all the essential information about yourself and your planned stay, as well as to upload:

  • Travel document whose period of validity must be three months longer than the period of validity of the intended visit
  • Proof of travel or private health insurance which must cover the territory of the Republic of Croatia
  • Evidence of purpose of the stay
  • Means of subsistence (proof of income)
  • Address accommodation in the Republic of Croatia in the form of reservation, lease, or a contract title deed.

This form already helped with the headache the stamps and administration had given us. We will keep you posted about any updates.

In the meantime check out how and why to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa.