Croatia earthquake

Croatia hit by 6.4 magnitude earthquake, how to help?

Central Croatia has been experiencing a series of strong earthquakes since the 28th of December. The strongest 6.4 magnitude one hit the town of Petrinja on the 29th of December at 12:19 local time, leaving devastating consequences on the area, while shaking up the entire region from Italy to Serbia and Germany.

The quake took seven lives and left many injured and homeless. The ground is still shaking, forcing many people to sleep in cars or next to destroyed properties, reluctant to leave their animals.

Help is already pouring in from all over Croatia and surrounding countries, but more is always welcome.
If you wish to offer your support, here are some verified links to learn how.

Zaklada Solidarna

This organisation is accepting payments via different payment methods.

The Croatian Red Cross

You can send money to the Red Cross via bank transfer. If you are living in Croatia you can also help with food, clothes, and other necessary goods, just be sure to consult with your local Red Cross about the goods they need.

You can find all the information on this link.


UNICEF Croatia is also organizing help for children and families affected by the earthquake. You can make a payment on their website.