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Croatian Digital nomad visa soon to be approved by the Parliament

The Croatian government made the first step towards a realization of the idea of a Digital Nomad Visa. On Thursday the 5th of November, they adopted the final draft on the “Law on Foreigners” which would, among other things, regulate the residency of digital nomads in Croatia.

But the main concerns that digital nomads have – like tax, health insurance, and a minimum required income, – still remain unanswered.

I think this is an important law. We are among the first countries to legally regulate the issue of digital nomads, and this will be accompanied by appropriate changes to the law in the tax domain as well as in the realm of health insurance – the Croatian Prime minister Andrej Plenković stated after the law was adopted.

Andrej Plenković, Prime minster of Croatia

The Prime Minister announced the introduction of the Croatian Digital Nomad Visa after a conversation with a Dutch Expat and entrepreneur Jan Jong at the end of August. It took slightly more than two months for the idea to take shape, which may come as a surprise knowing that Croatia is in the midst of several crises, and considering that the countries legislation is usually considerably slower.

It is not a surprise, however, when we know that this law is not concerning only digital nomads. The government and the parliament are under pressure to regulate the hire of foreign workers, due to the labour shortage the country is facing.

Jong indicated in one of his earlier statements that the legislation for the visa should be done by the end of the year, and should be made available already at the beginning of 2021!

We will keep you updated.

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